青岛奇一国际货物运输代理有限公司  (简称青岛奇一)是国家商务部批准成立的一级国际货运代理公司。自成立至今,我司一直专注于公司的品牌业务—--进出口海运拼箱,双清门到门服务,积极开展各个国家渠道代理,现在形成以青岛港口为主的海运拼箱,广州深圳港口为主的双清门到门服务。

Qingdao Qiyi International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. (Qingdao Qiyi for short) is a first-class international freight forwarding company approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China.  Since its establishment, our company has been focusing on the brand business of the company -- import and export ocean LCL, double clear door to door service, actively develop channels agency in various countries, now the formation of the Qingdao port mainly ocean LCL, Guangzhou and Shenzhen port mainly double clear door to door service.  


LCL by sea:  

All over the world, Latin America, Central and South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the United States as the main route of the port, comprehensive coverage, whether off-season or peak season, foreign partial port, foreign inland ports, etc., can be shipped.  With the most professional, whole-process tracking service, to ensure the smooth delivery of customers‘ goods.  And can do DDP, DDU  

双清包税到门服务: 中东地区,沙特,科威特,迪拜,科威特,菲律宾,印度,巴基斯坦,欧洲,美国,东南亚,加拿大,南非,尼日利亚,瑞士,尼泊尔,俄罗斯,伊拉克等,海运双清包税到门,空运双清包税到门。报关,清关,关税,送货到门的服务

Double clear package to the door service: Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Kuwait, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, Switzerland, Nepal, Russia, Iraq, etc., double clear package to the door, air double clear package to the door.  Customs declaration, customs clearance, customs duties, delivery to the door services  

Re-export trade: for the products shipped from China to the United States, we can carry out re-export trade in Malaysia, the full name of operation through train  

特种柜运输 :合作的船东主要是中海、中远,包括舱位/运价/空箱储备等, 40OT, 40FR

Special container transportation: we mainly cooperate with China Shipping and COSCO, including shipping space/freight rate/empty container reserve, 40OT, 40FR